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Hiring An Interior Design Firm: A List Of DOs And DON’Ts

Having a beautiful home is not a given. Sometimes you have to hire someone to come into your space and make it look as amazing as you have always imagined. If you are interested in hiring an interior designer, this list will increase the likelihood of your finding the right one.

DO determine what kind of style you are going for. This is the first step toward finding the right firm to work with. Every designer has a style that they are familiar and comfortable with. You do not want to hire someone and try making them go out of their comfort zone in order to complete your project.

DON’T hire anyone without taking a look at their portfolio. Every firm should have them available and ready to be viewed upon request. If you ask about this and you are told something different, move on and look for another firm. This is one of the only ways you can see their work with your own eyes, so never make any compromises here.

DO create a reasonable budget. It is common for people to hire a designer, commission work then act startled when they are given the bill. This happens most often when people ask for changes once work has started. Be mindful that adding more work means you will have to pay more in order to get what you want.

DON’T hesitate to ask for an in-person meeting. This will give you the chance to see how well you interact with the designers you are interested in. This is sometimes offered as a free service, but there are some people who will expect you to pay a fee. Clear this up with the designer before making an appointment so there are no surprises.

DO feel free to ask a ton of question. This is not the time to be bashful. You are essentially hiring someone else to make your visions come to life. This will involve asking about concepts, experience, skill level and all kinds of things. The more silent you are, the less likely it is the designer will be able to create a look that lives up to your expectations.

DON’T walk into this with a closed mind. Even though you know what you like, understand that the designer may have a few tweaks in mind that will make your vision even better. Just like you want them to listen closely and take what you are saying into account, you should offer them the same respect. Ultimately, you do not have to listen to them, but they are pros, so they are only telling you things that will better your project.

With all of the designers that are available out there, figuring out who to hire can be somewhat tricky. Apply what you have learned from this list while you are searching if you want to increase your chances of finding someone that will do a great job.

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