Custom Finishing And Millwork

Advice For Protecting Custom Millwork And Finishing

Hiring someone to create custom millwork for your home can give it a unique look and feel, but it does come with a drawback. When you have projects like this completed in your home, it is your responsibility to make sure that it is well maintained. This advice will make it easier than ever to protect your investment.

Never Soak It With Water

Unlike other home finishings that can be cleaned by applying a copious amount of soap and water, this is not the way you want to treat your custom woodwork. Soaking it in water can cause the wood to warp and it is possible for this damage to become permanent. The best way to clean it would be to wipe it with a damp cloth and a mild soap that was made for wood surfaces.

Control The Temperature

You have to be really careful about allowing your home to become too humid. When there is too much moisture in the air, it can affect the wood and cause it to swell. On the other side of that token, a lack of any moisture means that water that naturally occurs in the wood will be released, and this will have a negative effect as well. In an ideal scenario, the humidity in any room where there is custom work will not exceed 45 percent.

Dust Regularly

Home care stores do not sell dust cloths for no reason, so go out and buy one right away. Before you ignore this tip and try using a random old rag, pay close attention. Allowing dust to settle on the wood’s surface can cause some scratches and this is something you should be trying to avoid. If you use the wrong kind of fabric to remove the dust, this can cause some scratches as well.

The best kind of cloth to buy is an electrostatic one. It will attract and remove the dust without any worries about damage. Dust at least once weekly to keep everything in tip-top shape.

Polish Periodically

Every once in a while you should polish stained wood to make sure that it stays sparkling and beautiful. Every 2-3 months is an ideal schedule, so add that to your calendar. When you are polishing, it is important that you don’t add any products directly to the wood itself. This one of the worse things you can do since it can cause some issues due to the moisture. It can also affect the appearance of the stain.

The best way to do this is to add the polish to a cloth and swipe this over the surface in question. Remember to use a cloth that is non-abrasive so there are no issues.

Custom millwork can make your home more beautiful than ever before. The only way to assure this continue far into the future is to take good care of it. Everything you have just read will help you keep your wood in great shape for many years to come.

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