Bathroom Reno

3 Reasons To Invest In Bathroom Renovations

Are you on the fence about those bathroom renovations you’ve been considering? Maybe they aren’t worth the time, energy, or money it would take to complete them. Bathroom renovations are more affordable than ever before. And, with the right contractors, they will take very little time to complete. Here are just three of the key reasons why you should consider going forward with those renovations.

1. Improve Efficiency

Who doesn’t want to live in a more efficient home? Bathroom renovations are a great way to boost efficiency in several ways. First, you can upgrade to more energy efficient appliances and fixtures. That means new recessed LED lights, for example. The second way that you can improve efficiency is by replacing leaking faucets or toilets that use way too much water. By improving water efficiency and energy efficiency you are saving money on two fronts.

Energy efficiency isn’t just a personal choice either. By improving efficiency you are making a nationwide difference and having a global impact. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that homeowners who have upgraded to energy efficient bathrooms are saving the country around $1.5 billion in energy costs and around 70 billion gallons of wasted water. That’s a huge difference.

2. Adding Value To The House

Bathroom renovations are one of the best ways to add significant value to the home. Next, to the kitchen, it’s the second-most important room in the home according to potential home buyers. You can have the nicest home in the world, but if the bathroom isn’t up to par, it’s going to hurt the bottom line.

Bathroom renovations can range anywhere from simple faucet replacements to serious overhauls. The added value can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand. The return on bathroom renovations is much higher than other home renovation projects. It should be one of the first rooms on your list if you’re considering remodeling for the sake of adding value.

3. A Batter Day-To-Day

Homeowners spend more time in their bathroom than most other rooms. It makes sense that you would want your bathroom to be spacious, modern, and comfortable. In an outdated bathroom, you probably want to rush through your routine in the morning so that you can go about your day. But in a modern, renovated bathroom, you feel relaxed and comfortable. You actually enjoy spending time in your bathroom and you don’t feel rushed.

Aside from boosting relaxation, you can also boost the usefulness of the room. For example, during a renovation project, you can add new storage space. This means you can store more toilet paper, towels, toiletries, and other items without feeling cluttered. Clutter leads to stress, which is something that nobody wants.

A Real Dream Home

There are probably a few luxury items you’ve wanted in your bathroom for a while. Perhaps a television built into the shower or a luxurious jacuzzi tub in the corner. Or maybe you want a modern toilet that warms the seat and flushes itself. It’s entirely up to you. A few simple bathroom renovations can turn your house into a real dream home.

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